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‘Fragile’ Tape

Tape used for cordoning off areas, highlighting protruding hazards or securing fragile goods. Sold by the roll. Price:…

20mm Marulan Pebble

This 20mm white and grey crushed aggregate is used in feature gardens beds and pathways. It has a…

$165.00 per tonne

$13.00 per 20kg bag

80/20 Turfing Soil

This 80-20 blend is a mixture of 80% double washed sand, and 20% natural soil. It is suitable…

$85.00 per tonne

$8.50 per 20kg bag

Aci Kiln Dry Sand

Aci sand is a dried and processed high purity fine washed sand. It is ideal for use around…

$600 Per 1.5 tonne Bulk bag

$12.95 per 20kg bag

Adbri AB Vertical Blocks

These vertical concrete retaining wall blocks feature a contemporary large block face, which looks good and makes it…

Adbri Euro Classic

A premium smooth surface paver, this is an excellent choice for patios and entertaining areas. Also good for…

$10.90 each

$65.00 per m2

$27.80 each (sharknose)

Adbri Manor Stone

Manor Stone is the perfect do-it-yourself retaining wall block for creating curved and straight garden walls, garden beds…

$5.70 per block

Adbri Meadowstone

The Meadow Stone blocks are made up of 3 blocks that are used interchangeably to create a natural-looking…

Adbri Natural Impressions Duostone

Duostone is a designer garden stone ideal for garden edging and retaining walls. The unique block profile features…

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