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We stock a wide variety of mulch to suit any garden or outdoor area. Our mulches are sold loose by the cubic meter and are available in 40L bags and are also sold in 1m3 bulk bags at an additional cost and can be delivered on our crane trucks.


Cypress Mulch is our most popular mulch. Cypress is termite and white ant resistant and has great colour…

$135 per m3

$12.50 per 40L bag

Eco Mulch

Eco mulch is a natural material composed of wood by-products not usable by companies such as timber and…

$40 per cubic metre

Eucalyptus Mulch

Extremely similar appearance to the Cypress Mulch, Eucalyptus Mulch (or Eucy Mulch) is a popular choice due to…

$105 per m3

$9 per 40L bag

Forest Floor (Limited Stock)

Forest Floor – This leaf mulch has been composted for at least 6 months. It is ideal for…

$55 per m3

Hardwood Chip

Hardwood Chip – This light-coloured wood chip is a great choice. Its plain colour and chunky pieces make…

$90 per m3

Leaf Mulch

Composed of the leaves and branches from a range of  trees, this natural mulch is free of palm….

$30.00 per m3

Pine Bark 15mm , 25mm

Pine Bark 15mm & 25mm – This is a very popular mulch used in all garden types. It…

$115 per m3 - 15mm

$105.00 per m3 - 25mm

$9.00 per 40L bag

Sugar Cane Mulch

Sugar Cane Mulch – Available in compressed bales, each bale covers approx. 4-7 square meters. This mulch is…

$15.95 per bale

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