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Adbri Boulevard

These Boulevard pavers will make a standout statement in any garden or yard! Boulevard® is a large paving…

$72.00 per m2

$14.50 each

Adbri Euro Classic

A premium smooth surface paver, this is an excellent choice for patios and entertaining areas. Also good for…

$85 per m2

$13.50 each

Adbri Euro Stone

The Euro Stone is a premium large format paver with highly detailed, exposed aggregate surface texture which assists…

600 x 400 $100 per m2

600 x 400 $26 each

400 x 400 $98.50 per m2

400 x 400 $17.50each

Adbri Flagstone

This small square budget paver, from Adbri Masonry is a neat and simple solution for ‘do it yourself’…

Adbri Havenbrick

The Havenbrick are small, skinny blocks ideal for courtyards (particularly around firepits) and paths and are driveway safe…

$66 per m2

$1.80 each

Adbri Havenslab

The Havenslab can be used in courtyards, paths and driveways (50mm thickness only) and can even be used…

$69 per m2

$6.50 each

Adbri Hudson Stone

Hudson Stone is an attractive, DIY friendly garden edging block which is perfect for creating garden beds and…

$5 each

Adbri Mini Wall

These versatile concrete retaining wall blocks provide an easy-to-build solution for straight, curved or circular retaining walls including…

$7.50 each

Adbri Natural Impression Duo Stone

Duostone is a designer garden ideal for garden edging and retaining walls. The unique block profile features a…

$5 per cap

$7.00 per block

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