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We stock a wide variety of sandstone products as a perfect additional to any garden. Whether you’re after feature rocks, garden edges or blocks for retaining walls, we are able to supply it.


These unique stones range in size from a small ball up to two man boulders. They are great…

$199 per tonne

Dimensional Block

These roughly square sandstone blocks are excellent for the construction of walls, steps or garden edges. Our new…

$185 per m2

Gabion Sandstone

Our Gabion Sandstone is the perfect choice to fill your Gabion cages. Our stones are 75-150mm in size…

$118.00 per tonne

Granite Boulders

These large granite boulders make a gorgeous choice for feature rocks in any garden. Come in to see…

$290 per tonne

Hydrasplit Block

These blocks are 200mm high and rock faced. They are sawn top and bottom which is fantastic for…

$85.00 per lineal metre

Hydrasplit Edging

These elegant Hydrasplit edging blocks are NEW AND EXCLUSIVE to Menai Sand and Soil! They are rock faced front and back…

$22.00 each

Rustic Garden Edging

These gorgeous blocks will make a stand out addition to any garden. With a natural split-face they measure…

$44.00 per lineal metre

Sawn Strip Edging

Use Sandstone Edging to define the borders of your garden. These edging strips are 100mm wide, sawn top…

$28.00 per lineal metre

Split/Sawn Capping

The term “split” refers to the rock faced front and back of these pieces, and along with its…

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