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Compost & fertilizers

Banana Special

This fertiliser is an old favourite for fruits and vegetables but is also an appropriate as an general…

$69.95 per 20kg bag

Lawn Rescue

We stock a variety of Lawn Solutions products, including ColourGuard, Grub Guard, Lawn Soaker and Lawn Rescue.

$35.00 100ml - ColourGuard

$32.50 2L - Grub Guard

$25.95 2L - Lawn Rescue

$19.95 2L - Lawn Soaker


Martins magic boost Cow manure and Fowl manure are an all purpose organic fertiliser suitable for trees, shrubs,…

$9.95 Per 25 Litre bag (cow)

$6.95 Per 30 Litre bag (fowl)

No. 17 Lawn Food

This lawn food is an appropriate fertilizer for all types of turf including Buffalo, Couch and Kikuyu. Can…

$69.00 per 20kg bag

Potting Mix

Martins Premium Potting Mix. Ideal for small pots or small areas that need a nutrient boost or top…

$10.95 per 30L bag

Sir Walter Fertiliser & Launcher

Sir Walter Launcher – Apply this magic mix of fertilizer and Moisture Magnets Premium Water Crystals to your…


Vitagrow – This very fine organic product is produced from recycled green waste. This product has been composted…

$150.00 per m3

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