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Baines Gardenstone

Gardenstone Wall Blocks were developed from our larger Norfolk Wall blocks for smaller residential projects where ease of…

$3.90 per block

Budget Flags Pavers

Budget flags pave is an attractive medium sized square paver that is easy to lay and economical. Made…

$27.50 per m2


The Norfolk™ Retaining Wall Block System is a Stepped (17°) Interlocking Wall System with a ‘rock face’ textured…

$7.50 per block

Split Face

Baines Split Face blocks give buildings an attractive textured stone- like finish which is both affordable and highly…

$5.65 per block (200" series)


The Tasman™ retaining wall system is the premium retaining wall product for near vertical and very high retaining…

$11.95 per block

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