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We stock a wide variety of decorative pebbles to suit any garden or outdoor area. Most of the pebbles we stock are sold loose by the tonne, unless they are specified to be only available in 20kg bags. Most pebbles can also be sold in 1T bulk bags at an additional cost. We can also deliver your order on our crane trucks.

20mm Marulan Pebble

This 20mm white and grey crushed aggregate is used in feature gardens beds and pathways. It has a…

$195.00 per tonne

$15.00 per 20kg bag

Charcoal Lava Pebble 50/70, 90/120

Relatively new to Menai Sand & Soil, our charcoal lava pebble will really stand out and make a…

$33 per 15kg bag

Flat Grey Pebbles 30/80mm , 80/150mm , 150/1300mm

*Choose flat grey for a unique hand-selected pebble available in three sizes. Sold by the tonne or in…

$60 per 20kg bags

Gold Quartz 14mm

The beautiful golden colour of this pebble will bring light to any garden and it has a classic…

$245.00 per tonne

$15.00 per 20kg bag

Imported Black/White matte 20/30mm , 30/50mm

These imported black and white speckled pebbles are a unique choice for any situation! Available in 2 sizes:…

$19.95 per 20kg bag (both sizes)

Imported Snow white 10/20mm , 20/30mm , 30/50mm , 50/80mm

These are beautiful unpolished pure white pebbles with a sparkling silver fleck. They will make a standout addition…

$29.95 per 20kg bag

Lucky Stones

Lucky Stones – These oversized river pebbles used for feature gardens and river creek beds. Their natural greys…

$170.00 per tonne

Polished Black pebbles 10/20mm, 20/30mm, 30/50mm, 50/80mm

Only available in 20kg bags. These striking Polished Black pebbles are a unique choice for any garden. Use…

$29.95 per 20kg bag

River Pebble 10mm, 20mm, 40mm

River Pebbles-  This natural brown and grey pebble is super versatile and looks great anywhere! From native gardens…

$165.00 10mm

$170.00 20mm

$165.00 40mm

$13.00 20kg bags (all sizes)

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