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We stock a wide variety of soils to suit any garden project. Our soils are sold loose by the cubic meter and are available in 20kg bags and are also sold in 1m3 bulk bags at an additional cost and can be delivered on our crane trucks.

80/20 Underlay

This underlay 80-20 blend is a mixture of 80% double washed sand, and 20% natural soil. It is…

$75.00 per tonne

$8.50 per 20kg bag

Budget Garden / Underlay Soil

This clean fill soil is suitable for use as a garden mix or as an underlay. This is…

$59.00 per m3

Native Mix

Native Garden Mix – This is a mixture of coarse river sand, soil, and composted sawdust and is…

$85.00 per m3

Planter Box Mix

Our lightweight planter box mix is an excellent free draining soil. Made from a blend of soil, graded…

$85.00 per m3

Premium Garden Soil

Premium Garden Mix is quality approved soil meeting Australian Standards 4419. It is suitable for garden beds and…

$75.00 per m3

$8.50 per 20kg bag

Top Dressing

This premium mix is a blended sand and 8mm screened compost making it ideal for topdressing of existing…

$75.00 per m3

$8.50 per 20kg bag

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