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We stock all the best sand choices for your building and paving projects. Whether you are laying a driveway or building a retaining wall, we’ve got the sand for the job. Our sand options are sold loose by the tonne and in small 20kg bags or in 1 tonne bulk bags at an additional cost.

Aci Kiln Dry Sand

Aci sand is a dried and processed high purity fine washed sand. It is ideal for use around…

$600 Per 1.5 tonne Bulk bag

$12.95 per 20kg bag

Blue Metal Dust

Metal dust is a natural product derived from crushing basalt blue metal. It makes an ideal base material…

$55.00 per tonne

$7.50 per 20kg bag

Coarse Paving Sand

A natural coarse paving sand commonly used for laying pavers and used as a drainage sand, due to…

$95.00 Per tonne

$7.50 Per 20kg bag

Enviro Sand

Enviro Sand – Enviro Sand is a recycled product made up of crushed bricks and concrete fines. It…

$49.00 per tonne

$7.50 per 20kg bag

Filling Sand

Fill Sand – A clean, fine washed sand ideal for filling holes, behind retaining walls and levelling areas….

$75.00 per tonne


Maroota White Brick sand is the whitest of the brick sands, and when used with Boral Blue Circle…

$95.00 per tonne

$9.00 per 20kg bag

Newcastle Washed Sand

This clean, washed sand is appropriate for rendering, grouting and tiling. It is double washed which makes it…

$95.00 per tonne

$7.50 per 20kg bag

Yellow Bush Sand

Yellow Brick Sand – This is a general purpose fatty, loamy sand used for laying of bricks and block…

$90.00 per tonne

$7.50 per 20kg bag

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