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Aluminium Dampcourse (Alcor)

Alcor is a bitumen coated aluminium dampcourse, that has been heated treated for maximum strength. Also suitable for…


BrickTor is a woven, galvanised mesh designed to reinforce brickwork and increase joint flexibility. Sold in 46m roll….

$16.80 - 46m roll

Builders Clay

Blue Circle® Premium Clay is a super fine kaolin clay. It is also known as Ball Clay and…

$17.20 per 20kg bag

Builders Grey

Blue Circle builders cement is a versatile alternative to GP cement and can replace it. Some adjustments to…

$9.55 per 20kg bag

Bycol Clear

Bycol Clear is an air-entraining mixture which improves the workability of bricklaying mortar and concrete mixes. Available in…

Prices From

$10.00 : 1L

Bycol Dark

With similar properties to Bycol Clear, Dark Bycol is an ideal choice for improving the workability of cement…

$10.00 : 1L

Cemstik 1L, 4L, 20L

Cemstik is a PVA emulsion designed as a bonding agent and an admixture for cement. Cemstik is suitable…

$150 - 20L

$49.95 - 4L

$19.75 - 1L


Conform expansion joint is bitumen-dipped fibreboard. This is a cost-effective joint filler is widely used in concrete paving…

$12 each 150mm

$7.90 each 100mm

$6.00 each 75mm


Coreflute sheets are an inexpensive and temporary way to cover floors and walls during construction and can even…

$7.95 each

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