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Ag Pipe with filter sock

These are available in two diameters; 65mm and 100mm. They both come in 20m lengths. All are socked…

Aluminium Dampcourse (Alcor)

Alcor is a bitumen coated aluminium dampcourse, that has been heated treated for maximum strength. Also suitable for…


BrickTor is a woven, galvanised mesh designed to reinforce brickwork and increase joint flexibility. Sold in 46m roll….

$25.00 - 46m roll

Builders Clay

Blue Circle Premium Clay is a super fine kaolin clay. It is also known as Ball Clay and…

$22 per 20kg bag

Builders Grey

Blue Circle builders cement is a versatile alternative to GP cement and can replace it. Some adjustments to…

$10.75 per 20kg bag

Bycol Clear

Bycol Clear is an air-entraining mixture which improves the workability of bricklaying mortar and concrete mixes. Available in…

Prices From

Bycol Dark

With similar properties to Bycol Clear, Dark Bycol is an ideal choice for improving the workability of cement…

Cemstik 4L & 20L

Cemstik is a PVA emulsion designed as a bonding agent and an admixture for cement. Cemstik is suitable…

$180 - 20L

$49.95 - 4L

Concrete Mix

Concrete is a proportioned blend of dry aggregate, graded sands and cement suitable for all general purpose concrete…

$9.90 each

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