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Turf – Sapphire Buffalo

Sapphire soft leaf buffalo is well known for being the best looking buffalo. Sapphire out-competes weeds due to its tight mat and high-performance levels leaving little room for weeds to grow. Because of Sapphire high performance, sapphire grows well in high traffic situations. Sapphire not only performs well in high traffic areas but also in both sunny and shady areas. Once established, Sapphire is drought tolerant due to its deep root system. It is also cold tolerant to minus 10˚ C. Sapphire has an added benefit that no other buffalo has, this is its fine texture making it soft to touch. On top of all of this, Sapphire is a mow and grow grass therefore is the perfect choice for a luxuriant, low maintenance family lawn.

To Be Advised. Due to the floods, turf supply has been majorly affected.

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