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Link Edge

Link Edge aluminum garden edging is a hard wearing, steel edging product. It is a cost effective, long lasting choice for edging creations in your garden. The Link Edge is flexible enough to be bent into circles and waves as well as being used for straight edges so it is the perfect choice for any application. This product is easy enough to be installed at home and with the simple ‘Shape, Link, Spike’ process your dream project will come together in no time.

Link Edge profiles come in 50mm, 75mm and 100mm.

Link Edge lengths are all 3 meters long.

Lengths, spikes, joiners, and corners all sold separately.


50mm: $44
75mm: $48
100mm: $52

150mm: $2.20
300mm: $3.30

40/50: $1.00
75/100: $1.35

40/50mm: $2.15
75/100mm: $2.45

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