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Retaining Wall

Mini Wall

These versatile concrete retaining wall blocks provide an easy-to-build solution for straight, curved or circular retaining walls including…

$5.00 per block


These retaining wall blocks boast a smooth-feel face and are the perfect choice for garden steps, engineered, vertical…

$9.60 per block


Versastone features a unique shot-blasted surface texture which exposes the natural aggregate in the stone and provides a…

$13.50 per block


These Versawall blocks boast a large block face with a split-face texture to mimic a natural rock look….

$12.30 per block

$12.30 per corner

$5.00 per split cap

Wallstone 3

Wallstone® 3 is a large faced retaining wall and garden edging block with a modern split faced texture….

$6.30 per block

$15.40 per corner

$4.10 per cap

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