Large Scale Projects

Menai Sand & Soil has the capacity to meet the needs of large scale projects all over Sydney. They offer competitive prices without compromising genuine service and unbeaten reliability.

Below are some examples of the successful methods Menai Sand & Soil has employed to ensure the best products are delivered to your site.



Menai Sand & Soil efficiently packed an enormous 360 tonnes of River Pebbles into individual 1 tonne bags. This photograph shows 100 bags, during the first stages of the project.
These bags were then transported by Menai Sand & Soil to Sydney’s Metropolitan region.


Crane Trucks at Work

Menai Sand & Soil is able to deliver huge feature rocks carefully to your project site. We have your transportation needs covered!


Large BUILDING Works

This photo displays Bangor Road works. Menai Sand & Soil supplied all the Garden Mix for the enormous project, contributing to the improvement of the local Menai area. Whether it’s home DIY renovations or commercial scale projects, Menai Sand & Soil is able to help.



Menai Sand & Soil can transport large deliveries and difficult to move items direct to your home or project site. This photo shows a delivery of pavers. Our large crane trucks help to make your deliveries stress-free.